This Month Marks 6 NOtaBLE Years


Six years ago (on August 6, 2010 to be exact) we opened our doors for the first time. In some ways it feels like an eon ago, yet it’s still easy to remember anxiously awaiting our city permit approvals with about one hundred questions running through my head; a feeling that I’m sure most restaurateurs can relate to when they finally see their vision become a real tangible thing. In my case that day, it was a wood-burning rotisserie, 130 seats and 800 hand-rolled ravioli.

Running on about four hours of sleep (collectively) and a full pot of coffee, NOtaBLE opened for its first service, and on day 1, we filled the restaurant for dinner – selling out of almost everything on the menu. With each successive day of service, we continued to draw in a record crowd of our neighbours from the Northwest and beyond – becoming a better restaurant each day.

For me, NOtaBLE was my way of bringing together all the learning that I’d had gained for the past 30 years working in many kitchens around the world. As a chef and restaurateur, with that first busy dinner service, I knew I had found my true calling. While some doubted the idea, the location and the success that would come of the restaurant, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

In the past six years, we’ve sold 50,000 rotisserie chickens and close to 100,000 pounds of prime rib, thanks in large part to the residents who have welcomed us with open arms and become our regulars, and even more importantly our friends. To everyone who’s joined us for lunch, brunch and dinner, we thank you for your support and for helping make NOtaBLE part of a great community.

As we enter our seventh year of business, many people have asked what’s ahead and the answer is simple: Staying true to ourselves, not chasing the trends and continuing to create exciting but approachable food for our guests. As we continue to work with wonderful people, serve great customers and contribute to the community through a number of organizations, we look forward to creating more delicious meals and memorable guest experiences in the heart of Northwest Calgary.


Thank-you YYC!

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