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1. A different take on entertainment The holidays are a wonderful time to slow things down and reflect on your year with those you hold dear. Rather than attempt to converse over the loud noises of televisions and crowds found at most restaurants and bars, sneak away to NOtaBLE for a different take on entertainment. Here you can enjoy an intimate meal at the bar surrounded by our open kitchen concept and our wood-fired rotisserie, allowing you the opportunity to make the most of your visit. 2. A new seasonal menu Just as the seasons change, so does the menu … Continued

In Calgary, there are a few things we are known for: We’ve got incredible team spirit (C of Red, anyone?), our annual love of all things cowboy, and of course, our passion for leisurely meals on the weekend. When considering where to go for your next brunch, NOtaBLE needs to be added to your list. Here are the top five reasons why you’ll want to dine in the N.W. this weekend: 1. Brunch is Calgary’s favourite meal Brunch has quickly become a Calgary morning ritual, as it gives Calgarians the perfect opportunity to reconnect and catch up over great food. … Continued

SAY HELLO TO A FEW OF THE FRIENDLY FACES WHO WORK AT NOTABLE At NOtaBLE, we tend to think of everyone as one big family. If you’re a regular at the restaurant, then you’ve probably had the pleasure of getting to know some of the staff over the past few years. If not, here’s a quick and fun introduction to some of the front-of-house team that you’ll meet when you dine with us. Myles  “It’s a good place to be for comfort food, when the leaves are falling and the weather is getting cooler,” says Myles our bar manager when we … Continued

TALKING ABOUT THE 0-MILE DIET We love giving shout outs to our fabulous growers and suppliers who are literally some of the key ingredients in what we create in the kitchen. YYC Growers is one of those fantastic organizations that’s bringing farming back to the City and this month the organization’s founder Kye Kocher tell us a little more about their vision and what local crops you have to try this season. How was YYC Farmers come to be? We saw a need to create a collective group in a collaborative space that supported community-focused agriculture. Essentially, this meant offering … Continued

CHEF NOBLE LOOKS BACK ON OPENING NOtaBLE Six years ago (on August 6, 2010 to be exact) we opened our doors for the first time. In some ways it feels like an eon ago, yet it’s still easy to remember anxiously awaiting our city permit approvals with about one hundred questions running through my head; a feeling that I’m sure most restaurateurs can relate to when they finally see their vision become a real tangible thing. In my case that day, it was a wood-burning rotisserie, 130 seats and 800 hand-rolled ravioli. Running on about four hours of sleep (collectively) and … Continued

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