It’s a great big pantry out there. We have built many relationships with amazing producers in Western Canada that allow us to bring the best quality food to your table. From Pitchforks to Forks — we are dedicated to building a community through the food we cook. Yum!

We are making choices and creating relationships with commitment to flavour and attention to quality. Let us introduce you to the people who are so committed to making sure our menu reflects the abundance of what the land and sea have to offer us.

  • Galimax Trading Inc. provide us with amazing vegetables and Fairwinds Farm cheeses.
  • Community Foods helps us by networking many of the local meat producers such as and naturally raised beef, pork, bison and wild boar. Rocky’s Sausage Haus provides all of our bacon, sausages and custom cured items.
  • We get amazing beets and potatoes from Poplar Bluff Organics.
  • Meta4 Foods provide all our fresh oysters & mussels
  • All of our steaks are Sterling Silver Beef and Certified Angus Beef.
  • Ponderosa Mushrooms provide us with delicious wild & specialty mushrooms as well as import some other interesting imported products.
  • The organic gouda cheese your find featured on our Burger Inspirations comes from Sylvan Star.
  • We get amazing Okanagan produce and wild mushrooms from Seasons Harvest
  • We use More Gluten Free for all of our pasta dishes as well as their flour in some of our baking
  • Nefiss Lezizz imports all our specialty olive oil, dried peppers, olives and hand soap directly from Turkey
  •  Cynthia  Mackenzie did the wonderful “Four Elements” artwork in the restaurant as well as the "Four Seasons' found in our Private Dining Room
  • Steve Speer took the amazing photos hanging around our Harvest Table.
  • John Gaucher does all of our special photography.


Tuesday11:30am - 10pm
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Saturday11am - 11pm
Sunday11am - 9pm


4611 Bowness Road NW
Calgary, Alberta
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