Not a planner? Not a problem. Your decision to come to NOtaBLE might be made three minutes or three weeks before you arrive.

We encourage you to walk right in to our cozy dining room, or sunny patio, for a quick lunch, a lazy afternoon of nibbles or a spontaneous date night for two. We are happy to accommodate you especially on a moment’s notice. NOtaBLE is here for you. We also gladly accept reservations. Give us a call and we will ensure that you have that perfect table for an upcoming special occasion or if you’re just heading home from a day of skiing in the mountains.

Phone number: 403.288.4372


Tuesday11:30am - 10pm
Wednesday11:30am - 10pm
Thursday11:30am - 10pm
Friday11:30am - 11pm
Saturday11am - 11pm
Sunday11am - 9pm


4611 Bowness Road NW
Calgary, Alberta
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Phone 403.288.4372
Fax 403.288.4518
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